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Tick Control

Tick Control Protects from Zitka Virus and Lyme Disease

Deer Ticks are dangerous. Burrowing under the skin, Deer Ticks can cause serious harm to humans and pets. Far worse than the bad rash and the pain of removing the tick, these blood-sucking pests spread Lyme Disease as well as other serious illnesses.

Tick Control Problem

Our suburbs are a hot spot for Lyme Disease cases according to the Center for Disease Control. Unfortunately, the problem is getting worst as more cases are reported each year.

Tick Removal

Tick Control Solution

Giroud’s Tick Control programs targets ticks where they live. Deer Ticks like the shade and seek protection from the sun in ground level vegetation. Favorite hiding spots include high grasses, underbrush, shrubs and wooded areas. Here’s what we do to control this dangerous pest:

  1. Property Inspection: Your Giroud Arborist will complete a risk assessment of your property to identify tick danger zones and develop a customized tick control program.
  2. Perimeter Clean-up: Ticks are shade lovers and can’t survive in the sun. The Giroud Team can eliminate shady tick habitats in two ways. First, cleaning up and/or clearing overgrown areas. Second, pruning tree branches and shrubs around the lawn edge to let in more sunlight.
  3. Deer Repellent: Deer are the primary carrier of ticks to your property. Our Deer Repellant service is safe, water-resistant and will deter deer from feeding on your valuable plants!
  4. 100% Organic Tick Control Treatments: Giroud’s specially licensed applicators will treat around the perimeter of your property and other high-risk areas. Our 100% organic treatment is made from essential oils including Peppermint and Cedar oils which are a natural repellent.
  5. Plant Selection: We will identify plants that are attracting deer to your yard and suggest alternative plants.

In addition to controlling ticks, Giroud’s treatment formula also provides excellent mosquito control. Ticks and Mosquitoes are attracted to many of the same dark, moist environments. Like ticks, mosquitoes are a dangerous pest and known for spreading many diseases including the Zitka and West Nile Viruses. It’s good to know that you can strike out two dangerous pests with one powerful 100% organic treatment!

Concerned about ticks and mosquitoes harming your family and pets? Contact Giroud Tree and Lawn! Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will be happy to do a free tick and mosquito risk assessment.