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Giroud ISA Certified Arborists

It's important to know who is evaluating the health and safety your trees and lawn.  Every Giroud Arborist is an ISA Certified Arborist, who has the tree service and lawn care knowledge and experience required to successfully diagnose, treat and maintain the health and beauty of your trees and lawn. Your Giroud Arborist must meet the following standards:

  1. Extensive field experience: Performing all types of tree service and/or lawn care to our exacting standards for at least 3 years.
  2. ISA Arborist Certification: Achieving ISA Arborist Certification which is awarded by the International Society of Arboriculture after passing a 12 part exam developed by the nation's leading experts.
  3. Continuing Education: Earning a minimum of 30 credits every 3 years to learn the latest techniques and research.
  4. Commitment to Giroud Values: Receiving top ratings from our clients for honesty, integrity and outstanding service.

To help you get to know our ISA Certified Arborists, we have included a short profile of each Arborist along with the communities they serve.

Mike Chenail ISA Certified Arborist
Rob Nagy ISA Certified Arborist
Robert Poley ISA Certified Arborist
Erik Rodgers ISA Certified Arborist
Drew Slousky ISA Certified Arborist