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3 Biggest Lawn Threats

News Flash: Your lawn doesn’t really like summer.   It’s hot and dry.  It’s also the perfect weather combination for firing up weeds, pests and browning.

Here are the 3 biggest threats your lawn is facing now:

  1. Lawn Browning: Dormancy is natural in the summer but most of us still want a green lawn.  It takes work. Make sure to mow your lawn high, have sharp blades and water deeply.  See mowing and watering tips below.  
  2. Nutsedge: An incredibly fast spreading and invasive weedy sedge, Nutsedge is very difficult to control.  Options include a series of herbicide treatments or in severe cases lawn renovation. 
  3. Brown Patch: High heat and humidity promotes Brown Patch disease. It will clear up when weather conditions change. Also, high nitrogen, quick release fertilizer during hot months can spark Brown Patch AND burn lawns.

Follow these tips for mowing and watering:

  • Mow High: Leave grass at 3-inches high to shade and protect the soil and roots from full sun.  (pictured: Mike Taraborrelli, Giroud Lawn Care Manager, shares a lawn that browned out because it was scalped by a lawn mower)
  • Sharpen Mower Blades: A clean cut causes less stress than tearing the grass with a dull blade.
  • Water Deeply:  Check out our Facebook post showing an article and video from Bucks Country Gardens on the best way to water.
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