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Giroud Tree and Lawn Blog Posts related to tree care and tree service.

Fixing Overgrown Landscapes

Is your landscape looking overgrown or neglected?  Trees and shrubs have grown massively thanks to an abundance of rain.(pictured: Overgrown shrubs hide the beauty of this landscapeTree crowns have become thick, impenetrable targets for wind damage. Shrubs are overtaking beds and encroaching on paths and drives.  (pictured: Beautiful house is hidden behind overgrown plants.)

It's time to shape up! From pruning to planting new trees, find out what you can do to get control of your landscape now.

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Post Vacation Blues!

This isn't exactly what you like to see when you come home from vacation. Unfortunately, a recent storm took down this large limb from a Maple tree in Abington and it came right down onto the car in the driveway. Luckily ISA Certified Arborist, Rob Nagy was able to get out there right away and assess the situation and the tree is being removed today by Giroud Tree Climbers, Dave Walker, Raffy Diaz, Stephen Corchado, and Michael Villanueva.

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Does Your Tree Wear Spanx?

Of course not! But your tree could still be suffering from a girdle that's way too tight.

Girdles can be a death sentence for trees. Instead of growing out, girdling roots grow around the trunk. As the tree trunk gets fatter, the girdling roots tighten and cut off circulation through the tree.

It's easy to check your trees for girdling roots. Mike Chenail, Giroud Arborist, shows us how in his video of a young Norway Maple with roots wrapped around its trunk.

Does your tree have girdling roots? Let your Giroud Arborist take a look!

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Sibling Rivalry in Trees!

Do you have newly planted or young trees?  Like children, young trees need guidance to live a good life. Here's a young Norway Maple that was planted 2 years ago and is already in trouble.

The tree's problem is a lot like sibling rivalry. Too many branches are fighting to be the leader. Mike Chenail, Giroud ISA Certified Arborist, explains that the tree needs training, also known as structural pruning.

Structural pruning is both art and science. Our tree pruning specialists thin out excess branches and create one dominant or central leader around which the remaining branches will grow. Not only will the tree be stronger and healthier, it will have a beautiful shape as it grows.

Do you have young trees? Let your Giroud Arborist take a look and be sure they're headed for a trouble-free life!

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Creepy Crawlies Are Out!

Eastern Tent Caterpillars, Emerald Ash Borers, Lacebugs and more; many destructive pests are attacking trees right now.

Video by Drew Slousky, Giroud VP and ISA Certified Arborist, shows Pine Sawfly Larvae attacking a Mugo Pine and explains warning signs to look for. This destructive pest can be controlled usually with one treatment.

Check out our Insect Page to see what pests may be at work damaging your trees. Be alert for these warning signs:

  1. Off color, sparse growth and brown patches on Evergreens.
  2. Leaves with odd spots or deformities.
  3. Sections of the tree that don't leaf out or are dead.

Worried about insects damaging your trees and shrubs? We can help!

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Tree Removal Makes Way to Plant New Tree

While it was sad to see the big, dead Maple go, Susan Dudo, of Elkins Park, took it as an opportunity to plant a beautiful new tree.

Rob Nagy, Giroud Arborist, helped her find the perfect spot and pick out the best tree. Then, Giroud Crew members, Leo Interiano, Bernie Hartopp, Kirk Leary, and Todd Brown completed the hazardous removal and new planting.

Susan captured the action from start to finish and kindly shared her photos with us.

Concerned about a dead tree? Or, simply want to add a beautiful new tree to your landscape? Contact Giroud Tree and Lawn! Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will be happy to do a free evaluation.

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