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Giroud is now a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Company!

Giroud Tree & Lawn TCIA AccreditedAre you ever nervous about hiring a contractor? So, many questions can run through your mind.  Can you trust them to do the job safely? Will you get a fair price? Will the job be done on time? If something goes wrong, will they fix it and make you happy?

One way to know for sure if you’re working with a trustworthy company is to check their credentials. Of all the credentials, one of the most difficult and rigorous credentials to achieve is Accreditation by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).  Only 209 tree service companies in North America have been able to meet the strict requirements for Accreditation.

That’s why we’re so excited and proud to announce that Giroud is now a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Company!

So, what’s the big deal?  Well, Accreditation means that Giroud has the best expertise, the most ethical business practices and highest-quality standards in the industry!  When you’re sick, you trust certified and licensed doctors and nurses to take care of your body. You trust a Certified Public Accountant to manage your money. You expect the teachers in your school district to be certified to work with your children. Why would you expect anything less from a company who manages your property, one of your most valuable assets?

Giroud Tree & Lawn TCIA AccreditedWhat is TCIA Accreditation?

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is a trade association that works to elevate the standards of tree care throughout the country. Applying for TCIA Accreditation is voluntary and only awarded after a company completes an intense audit process that looks at every aspect of the operation from top to bottom. 

Giroud underwent a rigorous 63-point audit process in order to become a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Company.

“We decided to pursue TCIA Accreditation because we wanted to set our company apart from the other tree service companies,” explains Lou Giroud, President and ISA Certified Arborist. “During the TCIA audit process, TCIA auditor evaluated every aspect of our business model, from how our employees are supported, to the ethics of our business practices, to how customer satisfaction is achieved. We believe that going through the audit process, actually made us an even better company!”

How did the TCIA Accreditation audit process work?

“TCIA Accredited companies are required to meet stringent criteria for professionalism, employee training, state and federal safety regulations, business ethics and consumer satisfaction.” -TCIA.org

During the Accreditation process, Giroud’s quality control, workplace safety and ethical business practices were all thoroughly evaluated.  A TCIA auditor visited the Giroud site during a weekly Tuesday Tailgate training session to talk directly with the crew and make sure they felt supported by the company and that safety philosophies were accurately in play. An auditor also went out with our crews on the job to confirm that all of these safe practices were actually in place.

Giroud Tree & Lawn TCIA Accredited“Most importantly, TCIA wants to see that our crews always do a Job Briefing before the start of each job,” explains Bernadette Nolen, Vice President of Operations. “Job Briefings are done to make sure that our guys meet before starting a job to discuss what challenges they are going to face on this job and the strategy for the day.”

 These practices ensure the safety of Giroud’s crews and your property!

Accreditation is NOT a “Once and Done!”

After passing the audit and all inspections, Giroud was awarded TCIA Accreditation!  But, it doesn’t stop there.  TCIA performs annual inspections to ensure that Giroud maintains the standards for accreditation.

Accreditation is optional, so why would Giroud choose to put their business under the scrutiny of such an intense process for a that’s not necessary for operation?  “Becoming TCIA Accredited enhanced our business from the inside,” says Bernadette Nolen. “It also provides our clients with an added level of assurance that we will do what we promised safely and make them happy!”

When you hire Giroud to take care of your trees, shrubs and lawn, you can trust that the entire company- from the office to the crew- takes pride in our work. See more about our Accreditation here:

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