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pH: Nature’s Balancing Act

In nature, everything needs to work in balance.  And, when it comes to your lawn, the tipping point for balance is pH.  

To be healthy, your lawn needs to grow in good soil.  That means, the pH balance between acidity and alkalinity needs to be just right. The recommended level for good soil pH is around 7.0.

When the pH is out of balance, your lawn can’t absorb the nutrients and fertilizer needed to be thick and healthy.  As your lawn weakens, weeds and bare spots will have an opportunity to take hold.  

How do you know if your pH is off balance?  Almost all lawns in our region are growing in soil that is too acidic. 

What’s the solution? Bring on the Lime!  It’s the only way your lawn can get access to the full benefits of the fertilizer and nutrients we apply in Giroud’s Six Visit Lawn Program

Rob Nagy’s video explains pH and how an annual Lime application can solve the problem.

Author: Cindy Giroud

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