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Hunting for Eastern Tent Caterpillars Activity for Kids!

Eastern Tent Caterpillars are fuzzy bugs that are fun to find outside. Sometimes you can see them crawling along the sidewalk or on the trunk of a tree. They’re fun to pick up and look at closely, but did you know that Eastern Tent Caterpillars can do a lot of damage to trees? Kids can…

May 1, 2020
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Flowering Trees: The Nature Show You Can’t See on Netflix

Have you noticed that nature is putting on a show for us right now? Some of our favorite flowering trees are coming alive with beautiful blooms! Here’s how to care for these spectacular trees.

April 9, 2020
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Trees Improperly Planted in Recently Built Home Developments

Homeowners in newer developments need to be on the lookout for tree and shrub problems. Unfortunately, poor soil, improper planting and bad mulching practices can cause long term problems. Whether you’re in a brand-new development or one that’s been around for several years, you’ll want to read on to learn the warning signs to look…

March 12, 2020
Preventing Winter Storm Damage

Winter weather, for most of us, means bundling up by the fire and hibernating until Spring. But while we’re safe and warm inside, your trees and shrubs aren’t as lucky. High winds and icy conditions can strike at any time, and storm damage can be dangerous and expensive! Checking your trees before storms hit is…

February 5, 2020
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Every Dead Tree Branch Tells a Story

When you look up at the trees in your yard, what do you see? Your tree might be trying to tell you something! Ok, it can’t use a phone or smoke signals, but your tree is brilliant at sign language. For example, a dead tree branch is often a signal of a hidden health issue,…

January 30, 2020
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Scale- An Eco-Friendly Treatment

You invest a lot in your landscape, so it can be incredibly frustrating to find that your prized shrubs and trees are suffering from an insect infestation! Scale are among the most common, and they sometimes go unnoticed until the tree or shrub starts to decline. Once there is significant damage, extreme measures need to…

July 18, 2019
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Tree Pruning Before Summer Storms is Beneficial

We’ve already had some pretty wild storms this summer, and the Giroud Crew has been all over the area cleaning up storm damage. Summer storms can catch us off guard, but one way to avoid storm damage is to have your trees pruned. Cleaning out deadwood and creating a better airflow through the crown will…

June 27, 2019
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Why Removing Deadwood is Important
Snow and ice can weigh down weak or dead branches, creating a falling hazard.
October 24, 2017
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Why Trees Need Winter Pruning

When you have trees around your house, storms can put you on high alert.  What will happen to your favorite tree? Is your house safe?  How will the limbs hanging over the roof handle the wind, snow and ice? 

Pruning is one of the best ways to help your trees stand-up to winter.  The difference after pruning is dramatic.  Watch this video as Giroud Arborist, Scott Slousky shows you a Silver Maple before and after pruning and explains how pruning makes trees safer.  While you watch this video, it’s important to note that this tree was improperly pruned many years ago by another company.  Our crew performed corrective pruning of the weakest limbs and deadwood to achieve the best results possible. 

October 24, 2017
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Think Thin and Trim!

Too much shade on your pool, patio or gardens? Are low hanging branches making your sidewalk or driveway an obstacle course? Discuss your problem areas with your Giroud Arborist. Tree elevation, thinning and selective pruning are just a few of the ways to make your property just the way you want it!

October 24, 2017
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