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Tips to keep your home and family safe this holiday season

Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time of year, so it’s easy to get distracted. However, between all the shopping, baking and merriment, it’s important to be aware of any issues that can result in big problems for your family and home. Not to worry! The experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn your checklist to make sure everyone has a safe holiday amidst all the celebrating!

Tree Safety

  • Check live trees for signs of insects. While Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers adhere to strict standards to inspect all trees before they head to the lot, the occasional insect can hitch a ride on a tree in transit. The most common are spiders, mites and aphids.
  • When you bring home a live Christmas Tree, the first thing you should do before putting it up is make a fresh cut off the bottom of the trunk so it can take up water efficiently. The Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Associations recommends at least a 1″ cut.
  • Make sure your tree is properly balanced in the stand. If your tree has a natural slant to it, you may need to secure it with twine to prevent it from falling.
  • Always unplug lights before leaving the home or heading to bed.
  • Keep your tree away from any heat sources, such as fireplaces, furnaces and heaters.
  • Keep your tree hydrated! Check the stand twice a day to see if it needs water. Dry trees can ignite in a matter of seconds! Check out this incredible video by the National Fire Protection Association which shows how quickly a fire in a dry tree can spread.

Tips to keep your home and family safe this holiday season-cat-kid-hubspotPets and Kids

  • Make sure all trash and recyclables are out of reach from little hands. While you’re whipping up that green bean casserole, you don’t want a small child to grab a freshly cut tin can!
  • Festive plants can be poisonous for pets! We often think of poinsettias as the most dangerous seasonal flower, but mistletoe, holly and even live evergreen trees can be toxic for cats and dogs. 
  • Chocolate is poisonous for dogs, so make sure the cookies for Santa are up high and out of reach!
  • Be careful of loose lithium batteries! They can be incredibly dangerous if swallowed, and they’re small enough to be confused for a tiny piece of candy!

Other Holiday Safety Tips

  • Don’t throw wrapping paper in the fireplace. Wrapping paper is usually coated and can cause flare-ups when tossed in the flames, which can lead to house fires.
  • Always use a sturdy ladder to hang decorations. While it can be tempting to climb up on the closest chair, you could ruin your holidays with just one fall!
  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Keep the phone number for Poison Control handy- 1-800-222-1222

 If you have any questions or concerns about having a safe holiday, give us a call at 215-682-7704 and we’d be happy to help you out!

Stay Safe and Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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