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Lawn Insect and Disease Control

Control lawn insect or disease problems before they spread.   Giroud Lawn Care's PA Certified Technicians monitor your lawn through the growing season and are able to quickly spot problems and take action.

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Giroud treats only the specific problems that exist on your lawn. This targeted approach keeps your lawn healthy and eliminates unnecessary use of chemicals.

Fungus diseases such as brown patch, red thread and dollar spot are often confused with drought, fertilizer burn, or insect or pet damage. Most lawn disease symptoms are temporary and fungicide use is usually not warranted. In severe cases, several properly timed applications may be necessary for effective disease suppression. Your Giroud Lawn Care Specialist will be able to assess the problem and determine the best action.

Lawn Pests including Grubs, Chinchbugs and Billbugs can also seriously damage lawns. Treatment and timing differ by pest so it is very important to know which specific pest is causing the problem. Additionally, symptoms of pest problems sometimes can be mistaken for other issues like drought damage.

Our PA Certified Lawn Care Technicians have the experience and training required to correctly identify the problem, determine if treatment is required and ensure application is done safely and when the pest is most vulnerable.

With service that has earned the Super Service Award from Angie's List every year since 2005, you can count on Giroud to respond promptly to your calls and provide the best care possible for your lawn.

Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania