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Lawn Treatment Service

Lawn Problems? Act Now!

Lawn with Browning and Bare Spots Needs Repair

Did your lawn treatment service give you the lawn you wanted? Last year was challenging for lawns. Brown-outs were common (as pictured). Crabgrass and weeds proliferated and left their ugly seeds to plague your lawn this spring.

To get your lawn back in shape, weed and crabgrass controls as well as properly timed fertilizer treatments are key. Unlike some other Lawn Treatment Companies in PA, all are available with Giroud's Lawn Treatment Service.

If your lawn was severely damaged, it may require reseeding or more extensive renovation. Have seeding and other renovation work done early in the season to encourage deep rooting before summer.

Contact Us today to order our Lawn Care Service and ask about our renovation services.

Check out the following articles to learn more about seasonal lawn care for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring!

Last year was extremely hard on lawns. Unfortunately, the seeds of last year's problems are just waiting to emerge. Here's what Giroud Lawn Treatment Service can do for you:

  • Post Winter Evaluation: Have Giroud check thatch levels, winter damage and dead spots.
  • Fix Damage: If your lawn had browning, bare spots or heavy weed growth last season, aeration, reseeding and other repairs may be needed to bring the lawn back to health.
  • Early Spring Treatments: Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control and weed control. These treatments are included in Giroud's Annual Lawn Care Program.
  • Seed Shady Areas: Optimize light before trees are in full leaf.

Get the help your lawn needs! Contact Us today to order Giroud's Annual Lawn Treatment Program. We offer both traditional and 100% Organic Lawn Treatment. Don't forget to ask about our additional lawn treatment services such as seeding, aeration and repairs.

Give your Lawn a Summer Break!

Unlike us, your lawn can't take a vacation from summer heat, weeds and pests. Right now lawns are in a fight against nutsedge, chinch bugs and heat.

Control Nutsedge Before It Takes Over a Lawn

Nutsedge is difficult to control because new plants emerge throughout the summer.

If you are a Giroud Lawn Treatment Service customer, we are treating any nutsedge sprouts (pictured) on our regular lawn visits weather permitting, since herbicides cannot be applied when lawns are drought stressed.

Chinch bugs are another scourge for summer lawns. These insects thrive in heat and can cause serious lawn damage. Giroud lawns are also now receiving chinch bug controls which will also suppress fleas and ticks.

Lawns without irrigation systems are turning brown and going into their natural cycle of dormancy. If you want to keep your lawn greener, here's what you can do:

  • Fertilize: Giroud Lawn Treatment Service customers are getting a specially formulated summer fertilizer to increase stress tolerance.
  • Cut back on mowing. Raise mower height to 3". Mowing shorter encourages lawn thinning, and nutsedge, crabgrass, weed, disease, and insect infestation.
  • Watering deeply (30-40 mins.) once a week is sufficient, conserves water, and encourages deep root growth. Avoid frequent shallow watering. Natural dormancy is the lawn's means of conserving moisture.

Fall Must Do's for Lawn Care!

Take steps now to get a great lawn next Spring. Fall is the best time to feed your lawn, control broad-leaf weeds and apply soil amendments.

  • Fall Fertilizer: Giroud Lawn customers are getting Fall Fertilizer treatments now. Shorter days prompt grass to use food for root development rather than top-growth. That's why our specially blended Fall Fertilizer treatments target root development and help create a thicker lawn next spring.
  • Broad-leaf Weed Control: Now is the time to apply herbicides for broad-leaf weed control. As perennial weeds go into dormancy and draw food reserves into their roots, they also absorb herbicides more efficiently for a complete kill.
  • Soil Amendments: Freezing and thawing cycles during the winter help applied soil amendments be absorbed into the root zone. Giroud's Comprehensive Soil Analysis (lab testing) service identifies any soil deficiencies that may be affecting your lawn's health. Adding the proper amount of minerals and compost top-dressing will improve poor soil and promote healthier plants.
  • Apply Lime :If a pH test shows that your soil is too acidic, Lime should be added. Balanced pH is critical for a healthy lawn. Your pH test is included free of charge when you purchase our Annual Lawn Treatment Service program.
  • Order Giroud's Annual Lawn Treatment program now and you can still get our final fertilization treatment for the season. Our November treatment will help your lawn get off to a healthier start next Spring.

There's still time to sign up for Giroud's Lawn Program! Contact Us for a free evaluation!