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Solving Weed Control Problems

When weeds invade your lawn, your first thought is probably to get rid of them as quickly as possible with Weed Control. But, if you aren't careful, you can kill off the good grass along with the weeds and end up with an ugly, brown lawn.

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Lawn weeds can invade even the smallest openings in the grass. Prime targets are lawns that are thin or have bare spots. The first step to controlling weeds is to have your lawn evaluated by your Giroud Lawn Care professional. Giroud Lawn Care technicians are PA Certified and trained to identify weeds and take action.

The most active weeds in our region are often the toughest to control. Topping the list are Nutsedge, Crabgrass, Nimblewill, Stiltgrass, Dallisgrass and Bermuda grass. These aggressive weedy grasses and sedge, left untreated, quickly spread.  

For weed control to work, you need a professional who can correctly identify the weed, knows the best way to control it and schedules the right timing for treatment. Our Lawn Care Specialists will be happy to evaluate your lawn and prescribe the best treatment options.  

Giroud technicians are licensed, experienced, and well trained. We adhere to proper application techniques with an emphasis on safety and environmental responsibility. Giroud technicians are also have the training and experience needed to identify insect, disease, and other lawn issues.

The best defense against a weed invasion is having a thick and healthy lawn. Then, weeds don't have an opportunity to take hold and thrive. The solution is a comprehensive lawn program that develops lawn density while safely utilizing properly timed herbicide applications to control crabgrass and weed infestations. Superior density may be achieved with regular fertilization, core aeration, topdressing, and seeding with an appropriate seed blend. In time, herbicide usage may be reduced as the lawn thickens.

Weed infestations increase in hot weather and control usually requires one or a series of treatments with a herbicide. However, herbicides should not be used in the heat of summer or during periods of drought. Using herbicides in hot, dry conditions kills off good grass along with the weeds. Weeds can be treated with the return of cooler temperatures and moisture.

Giroud also offers a 100% natural organic treatment program. This program concentrates on building healthy soil and plants. This is achieved with organic fertilization, organic soil conditioners, core aeration, seeding and compost topdressing.. As the lawn's health and density improves, many weeds will be crowded out. Giroud also offers weed and grass control for flower and shrub beds and non-landscaped areas such as driveways and patios.

Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania