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Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning PA

Giroud Tree and Lawn offers professional tree pruning services.  Your trees will be expertly pruned according to the highest standards in the tree care industry. Commercial or residential, our friendly, knowledgeable Arborist Representatives are ISA Certified Arborists with all the training required to inspect your trees for health, safety and beauty. Your Giroud Arborist will evaluate all of the trees on your property and determine if your trees can benefit from our tree pruning services.

Tree pruning requires knowledge and experience.  Every tree is different.  Our Tree Pruning crews know how to identify the branches that need pruning for better air flow, deadwood removal, structural weaknesses, shape and/or growth pattern.   Don't settle for anything less when it comes to keeping your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Take advantage of the tree pruning experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn and recieve the very best care for your trees.

Watch as our team performs expert tree pruning services.

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Reasons for Tree Pruning Services by Giroud

  • Safety Tree Pruning: Thins the crown to reduce wind resistance and weight of top heavy limbs and removes dead, rotted and weakly attached limbs.
  • Tree View Pruning: Improve your landscape views by elevating and shaping trees around pools, patios, drives, walkways and gardens.
  • Reduce debris over key areas on your property such as the pool area, roof, driveway and, patio.
  • Tree Pruning for Health: Prune out weak, dead and diseased limbs and establish a healthy growth pattern by promoting a dominant leader and selectively removing crossed branches.
  • Avoiding animal access to rooftops and attics
  • Tree Raising-Elevation: Allow more daylight to reach understory plants and lawn by pruning and removing lower limbs.

Why choose Giroud Tree and Lawn for your Tree Pruning?

  • Proper site inspection prior to tree pruning
  • Free Tree Pruning Estimate
  • Meticulous clean-up after the pruning is completed
  • Professional Tree Pruning Experts: Pruning, especially ornamental and large tree pruning, requires extensive training, experience and expertise. Improper tree pruning can impact the health of your trees.
  • Fully Insured and Certified (coverage for Giroud employees and your property)
  • Prompt arrival
  • Friendly, highly trained crews: Tree pruning must be performed according to industry standards to protect the health of your tree and the safety of your home or business.
  • Tree pruning without damaging property or neighboring trees.

Things to ask before choosing a tree pruning professional:

  • Are you an ISA Certified Arborist?
  • Have you performed tree pruning service on this particular type of tree?
  • Do you have recommendations from other satisfied customers for whom you've provided tree pruning services?
  • What are the professional credentials of the crew who will be on site for my tree pruning?