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Scale Control and Treatment

Scale suck the sap out of plants.  Favorite hosts include: Azalea, Beech, Holly, Tulip Poplar, Magnolia, Yew, Euonymus, fruit trees and numerous conifers such as Hemlock. Look for black, sooty residue on leaves, white specks, cottony masses, wart-like bumps on stems, twigs or branches.

Control Scale Now! 

Azalea Bark Scale

Scale damage to plants and the timing for treatment varies by type of Scale. Your Giroud Arborist must identify the Scale, evaluate if treatment is required and determine the best timing for treatment. Set up a free estimate today! Pictured: Azalea Bark Scale.

Giroud's insect and disease control libraries provide more information the various problems affecting trees and shrubs in the Philadelphia area.