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Fall Tree Care

Fall is the best time to identify health and safety problems so action can be taken before damaging winter storms hit. Topping the list for Fall Tree Care are tree pruning, tree trimming, tree cabling and hazardous tree removal. Giroud's ISA Certified Arborists have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the condition of your trees and determine necessary actions for Fall.

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Fall Tree Care

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The following are warning signs that tree service is needed:



Tree with excessive deadwood many need tree trimming or removal to protect health and safety.
  • Excess deadwood (pictured left)
  • Leaves change color or fall off before other trees of the same type
  • Decay such as cankers or mushrooms
  • Signs of insect activity such as borer holes in the trunk
  • Brown leaves remain on the branches after other leaves have dropped

Here are the top Fall Tree Service actions:

Tree pruning in Fall for health and safety
  • 1. Hazard Inspection: Have Giroud check for hidden dangers such as weak limbs, unstable root systems and other structural hazards.
  • 2. Tree Pruning: Make your trees safer and more beautiful by: removing dead limbs, reducing weight and increasing stability.
  • 3. Tree Cabling: Help prevent broken limbs and split trunks by installing a cable or bracing rods.
  • 4. Tree Removals: Remove unsafe trees and ugly stumps.
  • 5. Treat destructive pests: Hemlock and Spruce Gall Adilgids and Spider Mites are treated now through October. If Birch Leaf Miners, Lace Bugs or Aphids were a problem last Spring, get a Merit injection now.
  • 6. Fertilize stressed trees: Stimulate root growth in stressed trees and lawns with our custom fall fertilizers. Applications must be done before the ground freezes.

Things to ask before you hire a tree service company:

  • Are you an ISA Certified Arborist?
  • Do you have a "Certificate of Insurance" covering worker's compensation, property damage and $2 million in business liability?
  • Does your company require safe working practices including protective gear and equipment?
  • Do you have a customer satisfaction guarantee?
  • Do you have recommendations from other satisfied customers for whom you've provided tree care services?
  • What are the professional credentials of the crew who will be on site to perform the work?