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Is Your Neighbor’s Tree Invading Your Yard?

Giroud Tree and Lawn Gives Old 2st Tree a Clean Bill of Health.

Do you have a neighbor whose tree is invading your yard?  These invaders can cause more than feuds between neighbors including:

  • Property Damage: Falling trees or branches cause damage to cars, decks, houses, and more.
  • Tree Debris: leaves and twigs can add countless hours every year towards raking, leaf blowing, gutter cleaning, and damage lawns.
  • Root encroachment: A tree’s root system can lift sidewalks or driveways over time, leading to thousands in repair damage!
  • Unsightly: The tree can simply obstruct a desirable view or detract from the beauty of your landscape.
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Spring Lawn Treatments you Need to Get

Giroud Lawn Technician, Kasey Mihalek, lays down a Spring Mix treatment on a homeowner’s lawn.

Have you looked at your lawn lately? Chances are winter hasn’t been too kind to it. Winter dormancy can wreak havoc on your lawn. This is why giving your lawn the treatments it needs to stay healthy, green, and lush is essential. Treatments ensure the health and vitality of your lawn, making it look greener throughout the spring and summer, while also blocking pesky invasive weeds.

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Keeping Safe After Winter Storm Stella

Heavy snow can easily weigh down branches, increasing their chances of breaking off.

Winter Storm Stella sped through our region with raging winds and heavy ice and snow. Sadly, many trees will lose limbs or fall in this storm. But, we're also concerned about the damage that you can't see.

The heavy weight of snow and ice combined with fierce winds is bound to put incredible stress on trees.The strain can cause:

  • - Breaks or cracks in large and small limbs.
  • - Weaken or compromise root systems.
  • - Strain trees with multi-stems (co-dominant leaders) like Birch, Ash and Maple.

Call us and have your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist do a comprehensive post-storm safety and health analysis of your trees. Identifying problems now can not only preserve a great tree, it can prevent future damage to your property.

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Prep Now for Snow Storm!

Heavy snow can easily weigh down branches, increasing their chances of breaking off.

Heavy, Wet Snow... High Winds!

Winter Storm Stella is a dangerous combination that could spell disaster for trees.  

We urge you to take the following actions today to keep safe during the storm:

  1. Park cars in an open area away from large trees. 
  2. Once the trees become weighed down with snow:
    - Avoid walking under large trees.
    - Do not sleep in a bedroom where a large tree is overhanging the roof.
  3. Gently brush snow off prized, small trees to prevent breakage.
  4. Stay away from downed trees and limbs which may be tangled in live electrical wires.

Our Team is on stand-by and ready to help in extreme emergencies.  We will be open as soon as it is safe to be on the roads.  



  1. Get Your Trees Inspected for Safety!Heavy snow will put an extreme load on trees.   Have your Giroud Arborist check for safety hazards like cracked limbs, split trunks, weakened root systems. 
  2. Prevent  Future Damage: When a storm strikes especially with high winds, almost all trees are vulnerable.  For safety, remove or cable weak limbs and thin crowns to improve air flow. 

Stay Safe!

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Deadly Pitch Mass Borers Exterminated by Giroud

Pitch Mass Borers are lethal insects that infest Spruce, Fir, and Pine trees. These little caterpillar-like creatures burrow deep into the heartwood to feed on the tree's sap and resin. As these borers hijack the tree’s nutrient-rich sap, the tree will weaken and eventually die. New step by step video by Giroud Tree Climbers, Dan Rombold and Jack Morvin, shows how to remove these pests before they kill the tree and spread to other trees.

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Puppy Confused after his Favorite Tree is Removed

After a tree removal, this confused puppy tries to find his favorite tree.

Dogs and trees go together like kibble and bits, but for one young pup, this sacred bond was broken, leading to one very confused puppy. After a morning of fun outside playing and spending time under his favorite tree, the playful dog was called indoors when Giroud arrived. Unfortunately, the puppy’s favorite tree was dead and had to be removed.

When Giroud crew was done with the tree removal, the excited puppy sprang past the threshold of the front door. What awaited him was a vacant spot where his leafy friend once stood. Confused, the puppy took a seat in the middle of the yard, and looked around to see where his tree could have gone. But alas, his search was to no avail. His friend had vanished, and was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, he had no problem finding a new tree on the property to call his new best friend.

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Homeowner Gets Jump on Summer To Sit Safely by the Pool Thanks to Giroud

A large branch hanging over this homeowner’s pool presents a falling hazard, and must be removed.

Change is coming.  It won’t be long before we’re relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun.  To get a jump on summer, a homeowner contacted ISA Certified Arborist, Robert Poley, about a massive tree limb looming over his pool.  He was concerned about safety and worried that limb would snap off and damage the pool or, worse yet, hurt his family or guests.   

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