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Lawn Weed Control

Weed control gets rid of ugly weeds and helps build a thick, healthy lawn. Additionally, Giroud also offers weed control for garden beds. Evaluation by a professional lawn service is the first step to controlling weeds. Giroud Lawn technicians are PA Certified and trained to identify weeds and take action.

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Weeds are opportunistic. Quickly overtaking weak turfgrass (pictured) and invading garden beds, the best weed control is a healthy, thick lawn. When a lawn is thick with healthy grass, weeds don't have an opportunity to take hold and thrive.

Giroud's main strategy for weed control is to develop lawn density while safely utilizing properly timed herbicide applications to control crabgrass and weed infestations. Superior density may be achieved with regular fertilization, core aeration, topdressing, and seeding with an appropriate seed blend. In time, herbicide usage may be reduced as the lawn thickens.

When not properly used, fertilizers and herbicides may damage a lawn. It is critical that the right material is used at the right time and at the correct rate. Giroud technicians are licensed, experienced, and well trained. Besides adhering to proper application techniques with an emphasis on safety and environmental responsibility, Giroud technicians are also trained to identify insect, disease, and other issues and to communicate their observations to the customer and the office.

Giroud customers also receive lawn care tips and alerts to help them develop proper mowing and watering habits and to be aware of insect and fungal activity in their area. While proper fertilization and herbicide use is the most efficient method of weed eradication and lawn thickening.

Giroud also offers a 100% natural organic treatment program. This program concentrates on building healthy soil and plants. This is achieved with organic fertilization, organic soil conditioners, core aeration, seeding, compost topdressing, and comprehensive soil testing. As the lawn's health and density improves, many weeds will be crowded out. Giroud also offers weed and grass control for flower and shrub beds and non-landscaped areas such as driveways and patios. With each lawn care visit, these areas are treated to suppress weed and grass infiltration. Pre and post-emergent materials, specifically designed for use in non-turf areas, are utilized.

Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania